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Morocco Travel Agency

our Morocco Travel Agency  Morocco Excursion Tours is a Local Travel agency. Our main goal is to provide quality, great experiences and memorable moments for our travelers.

We offer individual and private tours in Morocco. One day tours, multi-day tours, loop tours, cultural tours, Sahara desert tours, wilderness camps in the Sahara, camel rides, sandboarding, Marrakehe excursions to tourist attractions, guided tours in Marrakech, etc.

In addition, we customize group trips in collaboration with individuals or companies. Trips that can include special themes and activities.

All travelers are welcome, whether you are a solo traveler, student, family, small or large group, etc. Our tours can be adapted to any budget.

On our website Excursions Marrakech, you will find a selection of our customized tours. However, if you wish to make adjustments according to your own wishes, we will be happy to advise you and create the best possible solution for you.

For our Tourist Transport in Marrakech, we use comfortable and air-conditioned 4×4 cars and minibuses. We have experienced drivers and guides who speak English, French, and Arabic.

Throughout Morocco, we work with local agencies and partners. Our wish is that our tours contribute to creating jobs, growth and value in the local communities. We believe that our clients are best served by experienced people who know the culture, traditions and country.

All of our trips begin and end within the borders of Morocco.

The team of Morocco Excursions is composed of drivers, guides, camp leaders and guards. They come from different regions of Morocco and most of them are originally from the Sahara. They play an important role in making your trip truly special and memorable.

Our drivers are experienced and know Morocco well. Driving a 4×4 car through the various desert features, especially the sand dunes, requires both skill and experience. Knowledge of the area is essential.

Their driving is good, safe and smooth, and they always look out for your safety and comfort. And like gentlemen, they will gladly open your door with a friendly smile.

Our guides speak English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Their knowledge of the country’s history is extensive. They will be happy to answer any questions and share their stories with you. Their friendliness and hospitality are deeply rooted in the culture.

Their sense of humor and relaxed appearance create a pleasant atmosphere.

Our leaders and guardians in the desert camp are nomads of the Sahara. The nomads are friendly and hospitable, with an easy-going and calm personality. They serve fresh and tasty meals and take care of everything in the camp. In the evening, they gather with the guests and play traditional nomadic music under the stars.

Travel to the most desirable destinations and discover the best experiences in Luxury Desert Camp under the stars.

with our Morocco Travel Agency.  in case of a change of plans, you can cancel most reservations free of charge up to 72 hours before they start. If you ever need us, customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Our Morocco Travel Agency is here to create the best tours for couples and groups around Marrakech.

With our great selection of Morocco Day Trips and local attractions, we help you make the most of Marrakech’s Old City, tours, activities and places.